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The Problem

An estimated 5.4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's Disease, with  a projection of 11-16 million in 2050. Although many factors contribute to AD pathogenesis, amyloid-beta has emerged as the most extensively validated and compelling therapeutic target. Recent clinical trials of three different amyloid-beta antibodies have suggested a slowing of cognitive decline in post hoc analyses of mild AD subjects. However, these therapies have not demonstrated statistically significant results sufficient for FDA approval. 


ParaMag's Solution

The foundation of ParaMag's technology is based upon years of research by Dr. John Voss at the University of California, Davis, focusing on a "spin label" chemistry platform. Dr. Voss' laboratory has engineered a series of proprietary spin labeled naturally occurring antioxidants that selectively bind to amyloid and provide neuronal protection from toxic effects of amyloid-beta. These molecules have been termed paramagnetic amyloid ligands (PALs) as they are not only neuroprotective but also able to be visualized in the brain with Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 


Experience the Difference

The core competency of this UC Davis spin-out company lies in the design and development of novel, paramagnetic catalytic antioxidants that can enter cells and prevent the toxic event of protein misfolding. Our theranostic paradigm using PALs unites diagnostic and therapeutic applications allowing for a single agent to diagnose, monitor, and treat the disease. These theranostic agents provide a transition from conventional medicine to a contemporary personalized and precise approach. 


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